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AKtive Energy’s K9’s: The Alaskan Teddy Bear (Kodiak)

He is a big boy that doesn’t know how big he really is. He loves being outside no matter how cold it is and is usually one of the last ones in. He loves playing fetch and he is a sucker for a good game of tug-of-war. He is a big mellow sweetheart, hence why I named him The Alaskan Teddy Bear. He absolutely loves hanging his head out the window on car rides and walking through Home Depot. One of the mellowest and calmest dog in the yard.

DOB: 4-17-2022

Color: Chocolate Tri

Weight: 98 * still growing

ATW: 23.0"

Head: 23.5"

Low drive, active and athletic

Health Testing:

Embark  Clear

OFA Prelims

 Hips(Fair) , Elbows(Good) , and Patella(Good)


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