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Allergies: No known allergies

Grand Teton’s Khione Rose 

This big girl is the sweetheart of the house by far. She just wants to lay and chill on the couch with you or in front of the fireplace on cold days. Her temperament is top notch and as mellow as you can get. She has a low drive unless we are out trailing it in the back country here in Alaska than she is all over it. She absolutely loves her hikes and walks. She is the goofiest girl with a carefree attitude. I call her Wiggle Butt because when she gets to wiggling her whole butt and body goes crazy. She absolutely loves playing fetch and going on any road trip.

DOB: 12-6-2021
Weight: 98lbs. and growing
Color: Blue Trindle Merle. She Carries Fawn
Head size: 21 1/2
Withers: 23
Low drive



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