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Health Testing:


OFA hips: Good

OFA Elbows: Good


205BK Athena Rose

This is the momma of the house, the boss, and my foundation dog. She is the one that started my journey with this amazing breed. I have continued learning about the breed ever since and my love for it continues to grow. She is the most active, energetic, and smartest dog in my yard. She has pups that work with special needs kids, police officers, military police department, and military personal. My goal is to educate others and show all the amazing things these dogs are capable of doing. She has champions in her bloodline and comes from a working line. She loves to hike, learn, train, and  go on car rides. She has a high ball drive, she will go everywhere with it. She pulls my 100 lb dogs around when the tug rope comes out; she is strong for her size! 

DOB: 12-23-2017
Color: Lilac Tri with Ticking
Weight: 67lbs.
ATW: 19 ½”
Head size: 19”
Litters: 2
Medium-High Drive with a good on/off switch


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